The exhibition focuses on environments, memory and history in the transformation process . . .

Again and Again

Again and again exhibition focuses on surroundings, place, memory and history in the transformation process. It is a patchwork of attitudes to “space for an artwork”. It expresses the unspecific feeling of restoring the meaning of circulation, reuse, finding new function, preserving traditions and creates mental space for one’s own identity acceptance at the same time. Place reinterpretation, introduction of the perfect form, object or thought is the main theme.

Object and intermedia works are related to making history, material memory or symbol or reflection of themselves. They rehabilitate the interest in surroundings and place they are living at by representation and records of the place spirit for the future generation. Authors are coming from various creative areas, they become indispensable to the community and their artwork is mostly done outside the official framework. They create space for shared relations and guide towards reflections about the general connections and the forms of presentation of artwork, changes and projects on the edge between Visual art and Design.

There was a sense of change developed in the areas without clear identification and content. Cultural places create representation that contributes to a new self-awareness. They stand for both past and future process. They create innovative and utopian relations between object and subject, object and the whole and especially between man and space. They represent the story continuation and expression of the civil society’s desire for authenticity. Memory, which is the base for identity and imagination, is being pushed away and detracted more and more due to the speed of changes in surroundings and the necessity of constant movement of people. Therefore it is important to return and closely look into the shared pictures, memories, create space metaphors and focus on what represents us. The projects on the edge between free and design art are divided into three mingling theme groups: representation and human memory; material, formal and sociocultural borders of space; personal relation to a place.

The exhibition as the whole is a list of various forms of work with the surroundings in both material and spiritual sense. It is a range of several levels of thinking about reuse of sociocultural “environment” formed by the current society. The shape of the gallery, for which the exhibition was created, is a part of the exhibition concept as well. The exhibition was prepared as a part of a doctoral project in the program Visual communication at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. The project focuses on studying visual activities in the conditions of multifunctional cultural premises built and revitalized by the community.

Exhibiting artists:
Conrad Armstrong, Tereza Kopecká, Pavel Matoušek, Milan Mikuláštík, Alice Morey,
Martin Papcún, Kateřina Szymanski and Artur Magrot, Iza Rutkowská, Petra Gupta
Valentová, Markéta Váradiová, Martin Vlček, Martin Zet

Tereza Nováková



12. 12. 2018 – 18. 1. 2019
Opening: 12. 12. 2018 od 18 hodin
Address: Jateční 1588/49, 40001 Ústí nad Labem

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